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  2. chinadoll210:


    What the winner will win- 

    • 6 stoney stickers (roach jar, stoner of the year, weed fund, afroman, thank you for pot smoking, and magic herbs)
    • A jar
    • 6 samples of 420 wipes (spread the love not germs)
    • A red GravLab steamroller
    • A red mini grinder with kief catcher
    •  A beaded bracelet
    • A rasta bracelet (made my me, chinadoll210.)
    • Toke Token rolling papers
    • I love nashville button! (my hometown!!!) 
    • A fossil pill container (but you know what to use it for ;)
    • I-Tal Hempwick


    • MUST BE FOLLOWING ME- Chinadoll210.tumblr.com ( I will be checking)
    • If you follow me on instagram or twitter your chances will be doubled. -chinadoll210 is my username for insta and twitter.
    • If you follow me then unfollow me your name will be removed form the giveaway completely. 
    • Reblogs only- can reblog as many times as you’d like. 
    • I will be using a website that takes my whole post’s notes and puts them in a random generator and will pick from reblogs. 
    • The contest ends October 31st (halloween)


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  3. "Araminta Ross became a “slave for hire” at the age of 5. She did domestic work, field work, cared for children. She once said that one of her mistresses would savagely whip her almost every day, first thing in the AM. As a result, she would put on “all the thick clothes she could” to protect her body from the blows. When she was teenager, she stood before an overseer who was in pursuit of another slave. He took a lead weight & crashed it on her head. She was deeply wounded. She said that the blow “broke her skull.” She was carried back bleeding. She had no bed. They lay her on the floor. She was sent back to her parents who thought she would die. She survived. She went on to become Harriet Tubman. She freed slaves daringly & without fear. This is the person who [Russell Simmons] laughed at."

    Blogger “Prison Culture” response to Russell Simmons parody video “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape”.

    Respect Harriet’s legacy and the rebuke the attempts to make light of the sexual violence Black women experienced during slavery.

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  4. *eats you out as a friend*







    Blows your back out as your homie

    Gotchu walkin funny as a testament to our friendship.

    makes you cum in the spirit of comradery

    Got ur legs on my shoulders to show u how deep our friendship is

    hits it from the back to let you know im here for you

    I want a friend like this

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    Adventure time blotters! Omfg

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  6. Bored

    Kik me: Snootieeee

    This time can it be someone who actually has something to talk about?

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    why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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    connections are everything

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